Newcastle University PhD studentships in speech perception, production and learning

Πέμ, 19/11/2020


Applications are invited for PhD studentships in speech science at Newcastle University. We welcome applicants who are interested in all aspects of speech perception, production and learning. Note that eligibility for these awards has now been extended to international students. Studentships, to start in October 2021, will be awarded via open competition for two doctoral training partnerships:


• AHRC Northern Bridge Consortium, deadline Wednesday 13th January 2021.


• ESRC Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership (NINEDTP), deadline Friday 22 January 2021.



Please contact Ghada Khattab, Jalal Al-Tamimi, Rory Turnbull, or Laurence White if you  are interested in their broad research areas, as follows.


Ghada Khattab <>:


PhD supervision interests: Monolingual and bilingual phonological acquisition, accent/dialect acquisition, L2 phonology, and bilingualism and cognition. For more details, see:


Jalal Al-Tamimi <>:


PhD supervision interests: L1/L2 phonology, speech production and perception, laboratory phonology, speech classification and recognition. For more details, see:


Rory Turnbull <>


PhD supervision interests: Contextual predictability in perception and production, laboratory phonology, complex network models of the lexicon, phonetic reduction. For more details, see:


Laurence White <>


PhD supervision interests: Prosody in speech perception and production, first and second language acquisition, developmental and acquired language disorders. For more details, see:



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