Thessaloniki Cognitive Linguistics Research Group

Δευ, 12/09/2016

About the Research Group

Thessaloniki Cognitive Linguistics Research Group has been organized at the School of English Language and Literature,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

It is supervised by Professor Angeliki Athanasiadou and is addressed to scholars, doctoral and/or MA students. Meetings take place twice a month.

The aim of the Research Group is to:

  1. discuss and comment on latest publications of Cognitive Linguistics or classic and fundamental issues of the CL framework;
  2. discuss and comment on the MA and PhD theses of the group members or on their papers and conference presentations;
  3. organize symposia or thematic sessions in symposia;
  4. participate in research projects.

Α call for participation in the research group is addressed every September.

Students (MA, PhD), graduates and colleagues who are interested in the CL framework are welcome to attend.

The first meeting of the research group for the current academic year will take place on October 7th308 seminar room, 15.00-17.00.

Please send your name, institution and e-mail address to Giota Syrpa ( by September 30th at the latest. Note that old members should confirm their participation as well.

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