2019 PolyU CBS Summer School July 15 – Aug 9, 2019

Wed, 13/03/2019


The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies (CBS), of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is pleased to announce that the 2019 PolyU CBS Summer School will be held in Hong Kong, from Monday, July 15th to Friday, August 9th 2019.

Credit-bearing courses will be offered under two themes: (1) Language and Culture (undergraduate), and (2) Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (postgraduate). These courses will offer you a window into language, brain and culture by considering such questions as: How does language work? How is language instantiated in the brain? How does language reflect our cultural and social identity? How does language shape us as humans? By considering and addressing these questions in our summer school, you will have a clearer understanding of what language is really like.

The summer school program will include invited speakers, workshops and fieldtrips. The courses and talks will be in English.


Undergraduate – Language and Culture (two 3-credit courses)

Fun with language

(Dr. Yu Yin Hsu and Dr. Cherie Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Understanding Japan: A Journey into Japanese Culture and Society
(Dr. Reijiro Aoyama, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)


Postgraduate – Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (two 3-credit courses)

Advanced Topics in Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics

Prof. Jackson Gandour (Purdue University)

Prof. Evan Kidd (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)

Prof. Ping Li (Penn State University)

Prof. Chia-Ying Lee (Academia Sinica)

Prof. Elena Lieven (University of Manchester; ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD))

Prof. Salikoko S. Mufwene (The University of Chicago)

Prof. Ken Pugh (Haskins Laboratories & Yale University)

Prof. Caroline Rowland (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)

Prof. Tom Schoenemann (Indiana University)

Prof. Michael Ullman (Georgetown University)

Prof. Feng Wang (Peking University)

Prof. William S-Y. Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Prof. Fan-pei Gloria Yang (National Tsinghua University)


Advanced Topics in Research Methodology for Language Sciences

1) EEG workshop by Dr. Stephen Politzer-Ahles (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

2) fMRI workshop by Dr. Bolton K. H. Chau and Dr. Bess Y. H. Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

3) Eye-tracker workshop by Prof. Jie-Li Tsai (National Chengchi University)

4) tDCS workshop by Prof. Dirk Den Ouden (University of South Carolina)


Fieldtrips (Optional)

For details, please visit https://www.polyu.edu.hk/summerschool/programme/field-trip-optional

For further information please visit http://www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/2019summer-school/index.php or email us at cbs.summer.school@polyu.edu.hk.



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