Course Timetable



Lit 590: Literary Theory and Research Methodology
Instructor: Lydia Roupakia

This course will familiarize students with important concepts and trends in literary and cultural theory. It aims at offering students the necessary tools in order to approach texts critically and engage in original thought. A short selection of literary works drawn from American and English writing will be studied alongside the theoretical works, in order to elucidate theoretical approaches and focalise arguments. The course will also offer guidance and instruction in research methodology and critical writing; it will be streamlined to target the students’ needs in view of the dissertation they are required to submit as part of the MA.

Lit 516: Topics in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Love, Politics and the Self in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Literature
Instructor: Effrosyni Botonaki

This course is going to examine English literary texts of various genres that reveal the dominant ideological, political and cultural trends of the English Renaissance. We will study sixteenth century sonnets and trace the development of lyric poetry in the next century, focusing especially on the concept of love. Political ideas, with particular emphasis on the debates over the rights of kings, are going to be explored through plays by Shakespeare and theoretical treatises on the subject. The study of autobiographical texts of various kinds (diaries, memoirs, poems etc.) will illustrate the impact of the Renaissance humanism and the Reformation on the emerging at the time notions of the self. Students will learn how to use electronic databases like EEBO (Early English Books Online), and a number of bibliographical sources for their research. Emphasis and guidance will also be given on the use of the University library and its printed book collection—an extremely useful, but almost forgotten in our days, skill that all students should master at this level.


Lit-560 Ethnic Studies: Identity and Writings from the Margins
Instructor: Sofia Emmanouilidou

This course highlights the importance of ethnic literature in relation to the shared ideals of democracy, freedom, equality etc. in the U.S. We will investigate key historical events and political crises that influenced ethnic writers and their writings. We will examine themes and debates in the field of critical ethnic studies including race, class, gender, land rights, and cultural practices. The course will demonstrate how ethnic literature provides critiques of the mainstream and how it puts forward a claim for self-identification. Our focus will be on the thought processes of African Americans, Chicanas/os and American Indians, but there will also be sections of identity-formation theories where students will consider concepts related to the spatio-temporal and environmental hermeneutics of being. Class assignments include: attendance/in-class discussions, oral presentations, and an analytical essay.

War, Culture and Identity in Contemporary Anglophone Culture
Instructor: Elizabeth Sakellaridou

This drama course will be based on theatrical texts written during the turbulent times before and after the turn of the millennium. Originating in various Anglophone countries and cultures these plays respond to either recent war experiences or civic violence, exposing the devious socio-political and military practices and their repercussions on social ethics and civil life. Parameters such as gender, race and ethnicity will also be central in the discussion of issues of identity and power. Beyond the ideological perspective the course will also focus on the various aesthetic forms and methods chosen by the playwrights to approach their thematic material, ranging from the reworking of Greek myth to materialist criticism and multimedia technology.


For the academic year 2017-18 the MA in English and American Studies will offer the 12-month full-time programme. 


Students have to attend the following courses according to the announced course timetable:

Lit 590C - Literary Theory and Criticism, instructor Kanarakis Ioannis

Lit 560E - Ethnic Studies, instructor Kalogeras Yiorgos

Lit 569E - Special Topics I: Contemporary British Writing: The Individual and Community, instructor Roupakia Lydia



Students have to attend the following courses:

Lit 500E - Major Authors, instructor Krontiris Tina

Lit 521E - Drama, Culture, Society, instructor Detsi Zoe

Lit 591C - Research Methods and Tools, instructor Stefanidou Anastasia

Lit 600 - MA Dissertation


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