Course Timetable

For the MA in Language, Literature and Digital Media in Education, postgraduate students need to attend and successfully complete 6 courses, four of which are compulsory and two are elective. Each course corresponds to 10 ECTS. Postgraduate students also need to write a diploma thesis or create a portfolio (30 ECTS). The total number of credits (ECTS) required for the MA is 90.


Students of the MA in Language, Literature and Digital Media in Education (2020-2022) will attend the courses listed below.

The exact time and place the courses will take place will be announced when the courses timetable will be posted.


Academic Year 2020-2021


Winter Semester

EDU 570 Theories of Second Language Acquisition (C)

EDU 593 Research Methods (C)

EDU 511 Learning and Teaching with Technology (C)


Spring Semester

EDU 501 Literature in Education (C)

EDU 512 Teaching/Learning through Web Design, Media Production and Mobile Learning (E)

EDU 516 Virtual Environments and Online Learning (E)


Academic Year 2021-2022


Winter Semester

Writing of the dissertation/portfolio



For the academic year 2017-18 the MA in Language, Literature and Digital Media in Education will offer the 24-month part-time programme.



Students attending the 24-month part-time programme have to attend the following compulsory courses according to the announced course timetable:

EDU 570C - Theories of Second Language Acquisition, instructors Agathopoulou EleniAlexiou ThomaiSougari Areti

EDU 593C - Research Methods, instructors Anastasiadou SofiaFotiadou Georgia



Students attending the 24-month part-time programme have to attend two compulsory courses according to the announced course timetable:

EDU 501C - Literature in Education, instructors Kitsi-Mitakou Katerina, Rapatzikou Tatiani

EDU 511C - Learning and Teaching with Technology, instructor Ziaka Ioanna


More information about the courses is available in Courses.