Terminology Management 3h/6 ECTS Μετ 1-302

This research seminar aims to familiarize Masters Students with the basic principles of Terminology Management and raise awareness of its need in Professional Translation. During the seminar a variety of theoretical models will be explained, and a large number of practical aspects related to Terminology Management will be presented. Students are expected to acquire technology competences related to technology competences such as getting to know how to make effective use of search engines, build terminology extraction corpora, use corpus-based tools as well as master extraction and term management tools. Furthermore, students are expected to gain personal and interpersonal competences through planning and managing time and workload, participating in group work and learning how to build a network.

The seminar is addressed to the sum of Masters Students and the working languages are English and Greek. Assessment methods are multiple and continuous and include in-class participation along with a final project.