Contemporary translation practices 3h/4 ECTS Μετ 1-520

The aim of this course is to introduce students to innovative trends in the translation context and thus, help them face professional realities in the marketplace more effectively. The course is structured around three thematic units: a) the first Unit covers issues related to project management, i.e. identifying needs, organizing a project plan, negotiating with the client, using appropriate IT tools, applying working scenarios, b) the second Unit covers issues related to marketing in language professions, i.e. career planning, selecting target markets, understanding basic principles of consumer behavior and customer support and formulating an international marketing strategy, c) the third Unit covers issues related to translation practice and in particular the use of machine translation and the application of the appropriate pre-editing and post-editing techniques, according to quality and productivity objectives.

Students are expected to acquire technology competences, personal and interpersonal competences along with service provision competences.

 Assessment methods are multiple and continuous and include projects in each Unit.