General Translation I 3h/5 ECTS

(2 options: English and one other language)

Μετ 4-101 from English to Greek
Μετ 4-201 from French to Greek
Μετ 4-301 from German to Greek
Μετ 4-401 from Italian to Greek
Μετ 4-501 from Spanish to Greek
Μετ 4-601 from Russian to Greek

The course is intended to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in translating general texts. More specifically, students are asked to translate various types of texts that belong to the broad category of general texts (manuals, brochures, tourist guides, recipes and regular mail). During the course students learn, among other things, how to analyze a source document as well as how to summarize and rephrase texts. They also get acquainted with concepts such as translation brief, function and communicative purpose of the translation, genre conventions and translation strategies and techniques. Additionally, they are introduced to methods of analysis and justification of their translation solutions and choices, using documentation resources mainly in printed form (both primary and secondary ones) and they get familiarized with the various stages of the translation process such as review and/or revision. At the same time they learn how to use search engines, corpus-based tools and basic CAT tools in an effective way. Finally, in the context of individual and group work in real-life situations, students are required to take into consideration various parameters that are closely related to the translation process, such as planning and managing time as well as complying with deadlines and realizing the importance of working within a team.


  • Continuous assessment, based on in-class participation (students are not allowed to have more than two unexcused absences), translation and annotation of at least seven texts, of about 300 words. This method of assessment equals to 20% of the final grade.
  • Two assignments in real-life work conditions and more specifically:
    • a research and documentation of translation choices assignment
    • a group assignment in which students are assigned specific roles.
      Each assignment equals to 15% of the final grade.
  • A progress test, i.e. an exam which lasts 2,5 hours comprising of the translation of a text, of about 250 words with the use of a computer. This method of assessment equals to 20% of the final grade.
  • Final assignment, of 2,5 hours, on the translation of a 250-word text with the use of a computer. This method of assessment equals to 30% of the final grade.