Translation of Specialized Texts and Terminology Documentation I 3h/5ECTS

(2 options: English and one other language)

Μετ 4-103 from English to Greek
Μετ 4-203 from French to Greek
Μετ 4-303 from German to Greek
Μετ 4-403 from Italian to Greek
Μετ 4-503 from Spanish to Greek
Μετ 4-603 from Russian to Greek

This course introduces students to the translation of domain-specific texts with a focus on the translation of financial, legal, administrative, technical and other types of texts. Students are allowed to assimilate the knowledge they have gained in the courses of General Translation and develop, at the same time, research and documentation techniques as well as learn how to evaluate the relevance and reliability of information resources. They also become acquainted with basic notions in the specialized fields that have been selected and with terminological resources available in specialized fields and in specific language pairs. Moreover, students become autonomous as they learn how to acquire, develop and use thematic and domain-specific knowledge relevant to translation needs and they get some practice in terminology management. Finally, within this course students become familiar with issues of quality assurance in translation.


  • Continuous assessment, based on in-class participation (students are not allowed to have more than two unexcused absences), translation and annotation of at least seven texts, of about 300 words. This method of assessment equals to 20% of the final grade.
  • Two assignments in real-life work conditions and more specifically:
    • a research and documentation of translation choices assignment
    • a group assignment in which students are assigned specific roles.
      ​Each assignment equals to 15% of the final grade.
  • A progress test, i.e. an exam which lasts 2,5 hours comprising of the translation of a text, of about 250 words with the use of a computer. This method of assessment equals to 20% of the final grade.
  • Final assignment, of 2,5 hours, on the translation of a 250-word text with the use of a computer. This method of assessment equals to 30% of the final grade.