Greek Language 3h/5 5 ECTS MET 5-001

The course aims to train prospective translators in the writing skills of Greek as a target-language of various texts. Students will be familiarised with textbooks (grammar books, dictionaries, glossaries) as well as tools and electronic resources (databases, electronic dictionaries, corpora) regarding the standard use of the Greek language. Inter alia, the concepts of accuracy, stylistic adaptation to situational context, language appropriation according to genre and text-type will be explored. Students will practise translating into Greek, processing existing translations, and converting texts into different genres/text-types. They will develop an in-depth understanding of spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and accentuation rules as well as mastering the use of scholarly expressions, foreign words and phrases etc. The course will also examine issues pertaining to the correct and appropriate use of language, such as language errors, over-correction, clarity of expression, style formation, use of proper names and transliterations in Greek, the language of multimodal and multimedial texts, literal and figurative use of language etc.


Continuous assessment and final exam (40% weekly tasks and quizzes, 20% midterm, 40% final exam).