3rd Old and Middle English Summer School and Conference

Τετ, 31/01/2018

Registration is now open for the 3rd summer school program and conference on the history of English to be held on 19-25 July 2018 on the island of Naxos, Greece, under the aegis of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

The summer school will offer Old and Middle English intensive language and linguistics classes for a period of seven days. The aim is to attract students and scholars to study topics in Old and Middle English in a relaxed yet very focused and stimulating atmosphere that promotes in-depth analysis and discussion.

Faculty & Courses:

-A Construction Grammar of Old and Middle English.

Alexander Bergs (University of Osnabrück)

-How did English change? A basic course in Old English and the circumstances that led to its modern appearance.

Olga Fischer (University of Amsterdam)

-Old and Middle English through manuscripts.

Elly van Gelderen (Arizona State University)

-Old English phonology and meter.

Donka Minkova (University of California, Los Angeles)

-Language contact and the development of English.

Nikolaos Lavidas (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Certificate of attendance will be awarded to all participants plus certification of the 6 ECTS gained, issued by the University of Osnabrück. 

The 3rd Old and Middle English Summer School in Naxos will also be organizing a conference on “New Approaches to the History of Early English(es) III” as well as thematic and poster sessions on: language change, historical morphology and syntax, historical phonology, historical sociolinguistics, linguistic theory and historical data, language teaching and dialectology (diatopic aspects), language teaching and diachrony (diachronic aspects). 

The 2018 Old and Middle English Conference will be held under the aegis of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

Registration fee: 35 euros, it covers the light lunches for the whole period of the summer school and the conference. 

Accommodation: We can offer 29 beds at the municipality hostel (Vivlos/Tripodes village) for the whole period of the summer school and the conference (July 18-26).

Financial Aid: 4 scholarships available (of 250 euros each) for students of Greek universities. Applications accepted until April 15, 2018

Financial Aid Instructions: In order to apply for a scholarship, please upload your motivation and your CV to the online application form before the 15th of April, 2018.

Registration: 15 January 2018 to 15 April 2018

Registration Instructions: To apply for the summer school, please use the online application form: https://oldandmiddleenglishnaxos2018.wordpress.com/registration

Places are limited, we therefore advise you to enroll as quickly as possible.

More information (on registration etc.) can be found on the summer school webpage:


For enquiries please contact: Nikolaos Lavidas (nlavidas@enl.uoa.gr).

See the announcement here.

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