Admission Criteria


Entry requirements

The programme accepts graduates of any Greek or foreign Higher Education Institution.

The admission process at J.P.P.S. begins when a notice is published by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C.) of J.P.P.S. The admission notice is published at the administration offices and the web sites of the cooperative Schools and the website of J.P.P.S.

The requirements for participation in the entrance exams for the course in Conference Interpreting are:

  • a degree from any Greek or foreign Higher Education Institution
  • a proficient command (level C2) of two other languages which are offered on the programme: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian; or native-like proficiency in one language and proficient command in the second
  • the ability to express oneself fluently and accurately in front of an audience
  • good general knowledge and an interest in current affairs

The J.P.P.S. has been designed according to the requirement that the native language of the student is Greek. In all other cases, the candidacy is assessed depending on the ability of the Programme to provide the necessary teaching staff. It should be noted that foreign candidates may be accepted onto any course of the J.P.P.S. PROVIDED THAT their working languages (as well as their native languages) are supported by the J.P.P.S.