Freelance conference interpreter
Year of graduation: 2019

I always wanted to study conference interpreting, since it was something that attracted me a lot. The MA gave me the opportunity to specialise in this field and to acquire all the necessary supplies to be able to work in the free market. The programme is extremely demanding and requires extremely great dedication and will in order to succeed your goals. It is a perfectly organized, structured programme, adapted to the real working conditions, with many practical activities and mock conferences. The instructors, who are professionals in the field and most of them practise the profession of interpreter have always encouraged me and given me practical and really useful tips, which I still follow when I work as an interpreter. I believe that the MA is the best option for studies in interpreting and I firmly believe that the skills I acquired in the programme shaped me as a person and defined me as a professional interpreter.


Freelance interpreter
Year of graduation: 2019

I wanted to become an interpreter since I was young, but I decided to enroll in the Master’s Degree Programme after I had completed my studies in Italian Language and Philology and in Balkan Studies and I felt it was about time to take the next step. I started my studies in the Programme in October 2017 and I graduated in 2019. During my studies I have faced many challenges, however, the experiences and the knowledge I have collected not only did it help me evolve professionally but also I developed many skills useful for every aspect of my life. Furthermore, I had the chance to represent the Master’s Degree Programme as a Student Ambassador at DG – Linc. Nowadays, I work as a freelance interpreter and I am getting ready for the accreditation test to become an interpreter in the European Union.


Translator - European Parliament

Year of graduation: 2015

I can only recommend the postgraduate studies in Translation and Interpreting at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2013, I moved from Athens to Thessaloniki to study Conference Interpreting, after my graduate studies in Law and German Language and Literature at the University of Athens. I was searching for new professional paths, which would allow me to combine my scientific background with my love for languages and travelling. During my MA, an experienced team of professors and professional interpreters gradually introduced me to the craft of conference interpreting, which was completely new to me at the time, as well as to career opportunities within the EU. Thanks to their valuable contribution, I was able to pass the interinstitutional accreditation test for freelance interpreters in 2016. During the same year, I moved to Luxembourg, where I was recruited as a translator for the Greek Unit of DG TRAD at the European Parliament, after successful participation in an EPSO competition for Greek translators in 2014. Except for new professional opportunities, I owe to this MA a very special group of friends, fellow translators, interpreters, teachers and lovers of languages, who made my stay in Thessaloniki an experience to remember.