Research Fields


The School of English consists of four departments:

Research fields:

  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
    Second Language Acquisition; Language Teaching Methodology; English for Specific Purposes, General Linguistics; Semantics; Cognitive Linguistics; Metaphor; Language of Emotions,Young learners (Preschool and Primary education); L1 and L2 Acquisition; Individual Differences; Language Teaching Methodology; Material Development for Young Learners, Second Language Acquisition; Cognition and Language Learning; Corpus linguistics; ModalityHistorical Linguistics; Syntactic Change; Argument Structure in Diachrony; Indo-European LinguisticsSecond Language Acquisition; Educational Linguistics; Corpus Linguistics,Linguistic Morphology; Inflectional Morphology; Documentation and Description of Endangered Languages and Dialects,EFL; Pragmatics; News Discourse; Ellipsis,Phonetics; Phonology; Phonological Acquisition; Speech DisordersSecond Language Acquisition; Teacher Education and Training; Teaching English to Young Learners; Teaching English as an International Language; English for Specific Purposes,Phonology; Morphophonology; Phonological Typology; Phonetics-Phonology Interface; Metrics,Syntax; Semantics; Tense, Aspect, Mood and Modality; Typology; Grammaticalization; Translation and Terminology; Grammar in Language Teaching
  • Department of English Literature and Culture 
    20 th -century English Literature; Cultural and Postcolonial Theory; Feminism,  Modernism; Realism; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Feminist Theory and Criticism; Theories of Embodiment; Theatre Workshop, Renaissance Literature; Early Women Writers; Shakespeare; Reception studies; Gender studies, English Romanticism; Romantic Philhellenism; Anglo-Italian Literary and Cultural Relations; History of the Book; Travel Writing; Cultural and Gender Studies
  • Department of American Literature and Culture 
    18th -, 19th -century American Literature and Drama; Political Ideology and Early American Culture, 20th -century American Novel; Literature of the American South; Cultural Studies; Critical Theory; Feminist Theory; the Civil Rights Movement, American Ethnic and Minority Literature; Greek-American Literature; Critical Theory, Modern and Contemporary American Literature; African-American Women Novelists; Science Fiction and Utopian Studies; Feminist Theory and Criticism; Postmodernism and Cybertheory,  American Drama; Critical Theory; Experimental Theatre; Theory of the Theatre; Theatre Workshop, Contemporary American Fiction and Poetry; Postmodernism; Cyberculture/Cyberpunk (William Gibson); the Technological Uncanny; Graphic Art; Literary Production and the New Media; Digital Literature 
  • Department of Translation and Intercultural Studies
    Translation and Interpreting Studies; Post-modern Fiction; Critical Theory; Women’s Studies, Contemporary American Fiction; Film Studies; Cultural Studies, Semiotics; Translation; Rhetoric; Popular Culture Studies