Research Groups

Thessaloniki Cognitive Linguistics Research Group


Thessaloniki Cognitive Linguistics Research Group has been organized at the School of English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is supervised by Professor Angeliki Athanasiadou and is addressed to scholars, doctoral and/or MA students. Meetings take place twice a month.

The aim of the Research Group is to:

  1. Discuss and comment on the latest publications related to Figurative Language and Thought based on an interdisciplinary approach with contributions from the fields of Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Psycholinguistics and Social studies.
  2. Provide the group members with feedback on their MA and PhD theses and/or their papers and conference presentations.
  3. Organize symposia or thematic sessions in symposia / conferences.
  4. Participate in research projects. 

Language Development and Disorders Reading Group (LDDRG)


The primary aim of LDDRG is to give you an opportunity to have informal discussions of your own and other people’s ideas through presentations of works in progress or papers that you find interesting. The range of possible topics are related to psycholinguistics and we discuss syntax and its interface with morphology, phonology, semantics and pragmatics, with reference to first/child and second language acquisition, bilingualism and language disorders (atypical L1 development, speech pathology).

There are basically four main kinds of meetings: 1) presentation of a paper published in a scientific journal; 2) presentation of one’s own work (in progress or completed); 3) a tutorial-like meeting where the persons in charge informs of experimental techniques, findings of research projects related to the LanDevLab and the Phonetics Lab, and 4) brainstorming sessions: the persons in charge provide a topic and the necessary background, the point being to generate some ideas about what one can do about the topic.

Multimodal Reading and Research Group


The Multimodal Reading and Research Group at School of English, AUTh, is supervised and coordinated by Dr. Tatiani Rapatzikou (Associate Professor). Members of the group are Researchers and PhD Candidates. The group meets once a month.

The group objectives are:

  1. Research group presentations with emphasis on the international bibliography within the context on multimodality, digital and transmedia narratives, and digital literary practice.
  2. Research group collaborations with visiting researchers in the context of research-oriented seminars.
  3. Research group participation with thematic panels in Symposia and International Conferences.
  4. Research group collaboration with other organizations. 
  5. Research group conceptualization and design of activities that relate to its research interests.